Développement Camirand Inc. is specialized in obtaining financing, development grants and zoning, as well as negotiating the purchase of buildings and land for the realisation of construction, extension and restructuring projects.

Our team is equipped with a solid background and experience in the financial and real estate fields, and we work effectively to realise your projects. Our knowledge and understanding of the wheels of administration, at all levels, banking, governmental and municipal, greatly facilitates the required document preparation with these different institutions.

Here is an overall glimpse of our successful accomplishments. You can discover how we have helped and accompanied our clients to meet their goals. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be pleased to answer your questions.

Not only have you surpassed my expectations in this project, but you have always patiently answered all my questions and this with regards to my personal tastes and opinions; furthermore, you have done so while respecting the allotted time.